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Curlew drone footage
29 January 2018

We've been hoping to get local video production company 7video's drone into the sky for a few weeks now but bad weather kept us back. Now that the site at Curlew Meadows is complete we thought it would be a great time to get the drone in the air to see it at its best.

Everyone at Severn Homes is very proud of the development and it is fantastic to see each new homeowner move in.

11 January 2018

We asked local video production company 7video to explain how they put together our fantastic #BuildingOurFutureHPG film.

Last spring, we were tasked with creating a video that represented everything Housing Plus Group are as an organisation and everything they aim to be in the future.

We have been in this situation plenty of times before, and having worked with a number of housing associations from all across England and Wales, this was something we were very confident we could achieve.

Care Plus in the snow
15 December 2017

Black forest gateau and a spade were all Jenna Dubil and Amy Bardi needed to get them through the snow to provide care in some of the most isolated communities.

Care Plus team leader Jenna said: “The snow was coming down hard but we were determined to get out. But we were not the only ones making a difference. During Saturday and Sunday, Care Plus completed 772 calls – an incredible effort by everyone involved. Calls included helping people get out of bed, helping others have showers, administering medication and providing regular meals and drinks.

Danielle and Eli
23 November 2017

It is said that each of us is just a few steps away from homelessness. Danielle Harrison certainly didn’t expect to find herself in that position with a new baby, on Christmas Eve.

“I was poorly after having Eli and wasn’t able to work. Things were difficult and then my marriage broke down. On Christmas Eve, Eli and I were homeless. I had no idea what to do. I searched for emergency accommodation on Google.”

Care Plus car in Shropshire
22 November 2017

The expansion of the Care Plus at Home service into Shropshire has brought opportunities for local people to join a care team rated as one of the best in the country.

In a string of prestigious national awards, Care Plus carers have been in the spotlight for their dedication and the exceptional levels of customer satisfaction they receive. 

“We are very proud of our care teams but not surprised by their success,” says manager Angie Mason.​

angiemason's picture
Angie Mason Domiciliary care manager
21 September 2017

Domiciliary care, or care in the home, is vitally important for many people. It can be the perfect solution for many, providing just enough support to retain your personal freedom and independence. Sally Rutty is a Domiciliary Care Worker in Staffordshire, making a real difference to the lives of people in her community.

Sally Rutty has worked in care since she left school. She’s had breaks in her career but I always come back to care. Some of my earliest memories are of helping my granddad. I really enjoy working with older people.


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